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Escalante Heritage

Escalante, Utah – in the beginning   – – – – – – – – –

By the summer of  l876, many of the residents had dugouts and survived the first winter.  A bowery of willows and tree branches served as the worship hall and the meeting place for celebrations.

Such a celebration occurred on July 4th.  A makeshift flag pole was erected but there was no flag.  Undaunted, they used an Indian rug striped red, grey and blue.


The local VFW and members of the Heritage Center recreate the event on Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend at 8:00 AM in town center park followed by a pancake breakfast put on by the Sons of the pioneers.  The Heritage Center committee then organizes a day-long event of talks, quest speakers, and a community craft fair at the Escalante High School.  A home-grown play based on Escalante’s history is performed Saturday evening.  It’s always a hoot and full of wonderful history.

Escalante Heritage Bracelet

Hand-beaded bracelet



Escalante Heritage Bracelets of Red, Grey and Blue glass beads comemerate the incredible pioneer spirit of the first move-ins to Escalante.  You can purchase yours at here