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Our historic showhouse is available for a wide variety of events with or without the stage.  We are proud to cater events of all sizes with varied menus.  You’ll find us easy to work with and happy to help you achieve your dream. For information on availability and rates click the link below.



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2 Responses to Rent The Showhouse

  1. Hi,

    I’m a comedian who will be passing through town on 12/6 and would like to do a show at your place… do you have any interest in hosting me that day/night?

    Here is some info on me…

    Shane Copland /
    – Selected for San Francisco Sketchfest 2017
    – Selected for the The Westside Comedy Showdown 2017
    – Appeared on “The Knick” on Cinemax
    – Appeared on the History Channel’s “How the States Got Their Shapes”
    – Co-wrote, directed and produced “Clunker” a Kickstarter funded TV pilot
    – Invited to audition for America’s Got Talent producers as a “Q Act”
    – Selected for 2016 Snubfest in Chicago

    A quick clip:

    This dog keeps having sex with me:

    They cut Chad’s fingers off:

    Sex In The City:

    An Adult Love Story:

    Selected Stand Up Performances
    Comedy Club on State – Madison, WI
    Dr. Grins – Grand Rapids, MI
    The Comedy Cafe – Milwaukee, WI
    Wiley’s Comedy Club – Dayton, OH
    Morty’s Comedy Joint – Indianapolis, IN
    Photo City Improv – Rochester, NY
    Laffs Inc – Toledo, OH,
    Level 2 Comedy Club – Fargo, ND
    Koo Coo’s Comedy Club – Wausau, WI,
    Goonies Comedy Club – Rochester, MN
    Connxtions Comedy Club – Lansing, MI
    Vaudeville Cafe – Chattanooga, TN
    Full list available upon request…

    There’s a chance you may have seen Shane on the History Channel doing a guest segment on How The States Got Their Shapes, or The Knick on Cinemax. While the latter was not a speaking role, he did get to ring the bell as the timekeeper of an underground wrestling match, and that brought him more joy than any Oscar ever could. He has co-wrote and directed his own TV pilot, titled Clunker, about a self-proclaimed private investigator searching for a missing christian porn star. He has performed in the comedy clubs, bars, libraries, bowling alleys, coffee shops, state fair’s, and etcetera’s of 14 different states. He’s also been to Canada (but he’s from there so don’t be too impressed). As a comedian he’s been described as inclusive, and imaginative. His first and only objective on stage is to be funny. Any other reaction is not the intended result.

    Thanks for your time,

    Shane Copland

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