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Escalante Showhouse Seating

These chairs were the original theater chairs in the old Showhouse. We took out around 160 chairs and plan on using these up on the balcony for seating.

Historic Escalante Showhouse Seating - Circa 1938

Original Escalante Showhouse Seating

Escalante, Ut Celebrates 1st Anniversary of Hardware Store

“Independent Hardware Stores have always been places of wonder, full of grizzled men who could make stuff and fix stuff and would tell you how to, too.” An appreciation by Ted Allen in the Popular Mechanics Magazine Vol 191 No. 8
That was certainly how I felt growing up in my dad’s lumber yard. He too tended to ask “What are you trying to do?”, of every customer who looked lost. And I know I’ve asked it hundreds of times during my 40+ years of retailing and customer service.
History of Hardware Stores:
1782 – Elwood Adams Hardware – Worcester Mass
1787 – Paul Revere Hardware – No. 50 Cornhuill, Boston
1897 – Sears, Roebuck & Co Catalogue
1906 – The Aladdin Co – Kit Holmes
1924 – Ace Stores, Inc. Chicago, Ill
1946 – Lowe’s – No. Wilkesboro, NC
1963 – Tru Value – Chicago, Ill
1979 – Home Depot – Atlanta, GA
2013 – Best Buy – Munson Hardware – Escalante, UT

Escalante’s Heritage

Escalante has a rich architectural heritage that reflects its pi0neer, farming, ranching, and Mormon history.  Mormon settlers, in the late 1870’s, built rudimentary homes, dugouts and cabins.

Escalante HIstoric Stone Backhouse

Stone Backhouse


As people and resources came to Escalante, more substantial homes, stores and public buildings were made.  The styles of permanent architecture built in Escalante appeared in approximately the same sequence as they did elsewhere in the United States; but, interestingly, some of the architectural styles appeared here a decade or two later than they did elsewhere.


Ink Drawing © Howard Hutchinson – used with permission.