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Escalante Showhouse 1930

Escalante Showhouse is the round-top building on the left. Notice the ticket gate in the center and the posters on the right.

Entertainment in the rural village of Escalante, Utah, has always centered around music and dancing beginning in 1904 with the old “Star Hall”, which served as the original movie theater.  Community members and visitors looked forward to Saturday Night town gatherings and entertainment.

In 1938 Lorin Griffin built the original “Show House” at 50 North Main Street.  During construction, Lorin would trade the local kids popcorn and tickets to the movies for “pretty rocks” – petrified wood – which covers the stucco facade today.  Restoration will include restoring the original facade stucco and then replacing all the “pretty rocks” with the final coat.

Remodeled Showhouse

Remodeled Showhouse

Star Hall was demolished in 1945. leaving the Show House as the only source of town center fun.  Movies were shown here every week by DeRay Porter.  In the mid 60’s Lorin’s health turned bad and the Show House was purchased by Gail Bailey.  Lorin’s son ran it until the mid 60’s.

Ownership has changed several times until 2013, when it was purchased by Jenifer and Shannon Steed, Owners of the Wild West Retreat and Cowboy Cookouts.

9 Responses to Home

  1. Debbie Lyman says:

    Glad that Shannon and Jennifer are restoring the theatre and doing something with it.

  2. Dallen Shakespear says:

    Thank you for making the town a better place. It will only become more beautiful as people contribute and build the community like this.

  3. Tina Fuller says:

    I remember going to the theater when I was about 4 years old and watching “Bednobs and Broomsticks”!

  4. Erica Woolsey Shakespear says:

    My great grandfather built this show house. I’m beaming with pride that Jennifer and Shannon are remodeling it. I hope that my family and I can help celebrate this wonderful event with all of you. Thank you Jennifer and Shannon. We love you guys!

  5. Kelleen Wold says:

    Have always wished that someone would revive this place!! Thank You Jennifer and Shannon Steed!!! I can’t wait for the opening!

  6. Michelle & Ed O'Kane says:

    What a wonderful project for the town! Thank you for taking it on and creating another great place in Escalante!

  7. Scott bailey says:

    i have lots of childhood memories ofEscalante show house,can’t wait to see it finished. I’m shure Grandpaw Bailey is smiling.

  8. James Pratt says:

    this will be a fun, fun show house
    And ya”ll know Jenifer is spelled with only 1 “N”
    You are all great!

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